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How to Get Fit for the Slopes This Summer

by Taylor Mason on July 25, 2019, 5:22 p.m.
Blog Post How to Get Fit for the Slopes This Summer

To truly enjoy skiing requires a certain level of fitness. After all, how much fun can you have if you’re exhausted after just a couple of trips down the slopes? 

Get fit this summer with these simple but effective exercises.

Squats and Lunges Keep Your Lower Body in Shape

Your legs bear most of the burden when you’re skiing. Lower body workouts will help make sure they’re up to the challenge by the time the next season arrives. 

Squats and lunges will strengthen your lower body, improve your balance, and increase overall flexibility and range of motion. They’re also functional exercises that can benefit your everyday life. And because they can be done anywhere so there’s almost no excuse not to! 

Planks Make for A Strong and Stable Core

The core muscles play a big part when it comes to balance and control. If you want to stay standing as you ski down uneven terrain, strengthening your core is just as important as keeping your legs in shape.

For this part of your body, there’s nothing like the deceptively simple plank. It’s one of the best workouts for your core but it also works the rest of the body. How long you can hold a plank is a good indication of how long you can last on the slopes. 

An exercise that’s all about staying still may seem dull but don’t knock it until you try it. You’re in for the longest minute of your life – if you even get that far.

Push-Ups and Pull-Ups Round Out Your Routine

If you want to be fit and ski-ready, don’t forget about your upper body. It may not seem like they do a lot up there, but you use them more than you realize. A weak upper body can lead to bad form and throws off your balance so you’re more likely to take a spill.

Push-ups and pull-ups are just what you need to for a well-rounded workout. Not only will they work your arms, but your back, shoulders, and core as well. If you want to ski to the best of your ability, your whole body must be ready for the job.

Try Other Sports to Stay Active

You’re not going to get a lot of skiing done between seasons. In the meantime, there are other activities you can try out. Staying active will also help with your cardio and stamina.

Since it’s summer, swimming is the perfect way to get a workout and beat the heat. If you still want to hit the trails, mountain biking might be able to scratch that itch. And of course, you can always go out for a run if you’re looking for a change of pace.

These exercises, along with a healthy diet, will help you stay fit as you count the days until the slopes reopen. You may not be able to go skiing for now but you can make sure that you’re ready to jump right in in your kit as soon as the powder-filled days return.