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Krushin' it in Killington

by Seth Morse on Jan. 20, 2016, 5:02 p.m.
Blog Post Krushin' it in Killington

The BEAST of the East. Welcome to one of greatest Ski Resorts on the East Coast. Here is what you need to know to make the most of your time in and around Killington Resort. There are a lot of activities on and off hill to know about, plenty of great restaurants, bars and night life so it’s a good idea to have a plan. On a busy holiday weekend, the restaurants get busy, ski lines can get hectic, and people can lost on what to do. What to Know On The Hill For those new to the hill: If you are a first timer to skiing, or still a beginner you’ll want to start off at Snowshed Lodge. You can rent skis and snowboards here, but you are better off saving some money down the Access Road at either Darkside Snowboards, or Basin Sports.  Snowshed is a wide open trail great for beginners, kids, or anyone dusting off their ski legs. If you master this hill easily, head under the tunnel to Ram’s Head for some more diverse terrain. There is a really great Terrain Park on Timberline, so if you’re up for it, head there. Just be aware if you are still a beginner to know the code in the Terrain Park. Always look up before dropping in, and if you are accompanying a child, you need to make sure they aren’t cutting anyone off or standing on one the landings (they’ll get landed on). Great Eastern is a local’s favorite off of the Sky Peak. It’s a very fun, and long green run. There are plenty of greens, blues and even blacks off of Sky Peak. For the more advanced: If you have been skiing for years, and are looking for the best and hardest terrain, Killington has it. Bear Mountain has a ton of Black Diamond’s and even some Double Blacks. The bar scene is really fun in the Spring Time, but pretty full all winter long. Outer Limits is a must do, and if there has been a recent storm and a bunch of snow, give Devil’s Fiddle a try (a truly natural trail, so no snowguns, and only Mother Earth made snow). Bear Mountain can get crowded so the best time to approach this hill is either early am, before the crowd makes it out, right at lunch, when everyone is eating/drinking, or at the end of the day, when everyone else has given up and you’re still going. Bear Mountain is also where The Burton Stash is located along with the Superpipe(depending on the season), and their larger Terrain Park on Dream Maker. During those busier times, head over to North Ridge and Snowdon. While the lifts are slower and colder, that normally deters others, so you can have nice fun turns without the crowds. Lowrider, and Chop Chop can be found over here, and some of the best glade runs you’ll find (or tree skiing, however you call it). If you keep cutting over from the entrance you’ll normally find some fresh tracks. Where to Eat on The Hill: Everyone thinks that food can’t be good at ski resorts, but Killington has made a real effort to change that theory. The Killington Peak lodge is where you will find gourmet burgers, warm soups and chowders along with fresh salads. We’ve even had fresh fish tacos up there. Not to mention, the view is spectacular. It does get crowded, so either arrive before 11:45, or after 1:15. Snowshed Lodge also has a wide variety of food at the normal café with burgers, chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches and pizzas. There is also a bar upstairs with your average bar foods. The best lodge for kids is Ram’s Head as there is not a bar at this lodge so it’s more family friendly. The resort has added a few spots along the hill for food and drinks as well. The Phat Italian is a little pop up restaurant at the Skyship mid-station. Some of the best sandwiches you’ll find on and off the mountain, as they also have a deli on the access road. They make great breakfast sandwiches, and other hot/cold sandwiches for lunch. The Vista Deck is on Great Eastern where snacks, and drinks are available. Where to Eat off The Hill: The Wobbly Barn! This is one of Killington’s best known restaurants and bars. The best steak in town by far, with one of the best salad bars on the East Coast. If you hit up this place for dinner, they normally waive the $20 cover to get into the bar upstairs. They have live bands almost every Friday and Saturday night. The Back Behind and Mogul’s is where you will find Bar-B-Que. The Back Behind is on the southern side of the town, and has been part of Killington for as long as we can remember. The ribs are great, the pickle fries, it’s all good at this rustic eatery. Mogul’s is more a BBQ Sports bar, where kids can play video games while you watch your favorite teams amongst the swarm of TV’s. Definitely get a bucket of wings, and a bucket of ribs to share here. The best and most fun breakfast place in the area is Sugar and Spice. It’s a 10-15 minute drive towards Rutland from the resort, but it’s definitely worth it. This oldschool spot puts a fun spin on pigs in a blanket by wrapping your breakfast sausage in a pancake. It’s even better than you think it can be. If you want to get to the mountain quick, and are looking to pick something on the way, swing by the Phat Italian on the access road. It’s the best sandwich shop in town with plenty of warm and cold options as well a small grocery store. You can grab your breakfast and lunch all at once. There are plenty of other good eats in town, these are just our favorites. What to Know Off The Hill For the Youngins: There are plenty of fun things to do for the little ones at the Resort, but also around neighboring towns. There is the tubing park which goes into the night and is right across the street from The Grand Hotel. There is new edition to Killington’s extra offerings which is the Beast Mountain Coaster. This is a fun little coaster that whips and winds through the mountain. If the kids have had enough outside time for the day, there are plenty of games at Mogul’s Sports Bar. Mogul’s is a great spot because the little kids can play video games, while the big kids can watch football, and eat some of the best wings and ribs on the mountain. If you drive up Route 4, you’ll find yourself in Rutland, where you can go bowling, go to the movies, or hit up the Indoor Rock Climbing Gym. All of which will hopefully tire them out. For the Youngins at heart, but not so young anymore: Where is happy hour? Well, you’re in luck, because there are bunches of great après ski happening in Killington. The Lookout is a town favorite because it’s the closest to the mountain. Half off wings from 3-6pm, great food, and good service. Oh, and they have a peanut bucket so you can get something into your stomach the second you get there. Another great happy hour spot is Sushi Yoshi. That’s right, the sushi bar. They give out free wings from 3-6pm. They only give out 3 or so at a time, so you won’t get full off of them, but they are super tasty, and make the $6 beer more satisfying. Jax’s is a local spot that always has something going after the lifts stop turning, and they have pool tables and video games for the younger ones as well. The Wobbly Barn is a great night out, but it’s a little bit tighter than The Pickle Barrel. At the Pickle you’ll find good tunes, plenty of space to move around, and a couple of different bars within the establishment. There is normally a $20 cover, but the music normally makes it worth it. The Pickle and Wobbly are probably the top two nightlife spots, but there are plenty of places pouring drinks up and down the access road. Well that pretty much wraps up Killington in a nutshell. There are plenty of things to explore, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of us, as we can help answer any of your needs. Make some turns for us!!