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Take Pride Outside: Kit Lender Partners With GOAT

by Taylor Mason on Jan. 16, 2020, 6:42 p.m.
Blog Post Take Pride Outside: Kit Lender Partners With GOAT

Part of Kit Lender’s mission is to make the outdoors moreaccessible for everyone—and we mean everyone! That’s why we’re proud toannounce our partnership with Get Outand Trek (aka GOAT), an organization that helps the LGBTQ communityenjoy everything nature has to offer.

Who is GOAT?

Founded by Keith Oberlin, their mission is to get more LGBTQpeople to have fun in the great outdoors. GOAT seeks to make it easier to breakfree by organizing and hosting trips that eliminate the obstacles members ofthe community may face.

From gay ski weekends to outdoor yoga retreats and anythingin between, their trips are made for and by queer adventurists. Through theseevents, GOAT is leading the way for better representation in the outdoorindustry that truly shows what the community is all about.

Why It MakesSense

Kit Lender and GOAT share a common goal: lowering the barrierto entry for anyone who wants to experience an adventure. We’re excited to beworking together to do just that and share our love of the outdoors with evenmore people.

Participants of events organized by GOAT will have access toall the kits in our collection. They can choose the trendiest designs from topbrands like The North Face, Patagonia, Smartwool, and more. With a complete setstarting at just $30 a day, getting kitted out with the latest gear is moreaffordable than ever.

Accessible Adventurefor All

Whether you want to experience something new, meet newfriends, or just looking for a different kind of adventure, there’s more thanenough room for everyone. With this partnership, we can make sure that havingthe right gear won’t get in the way of your weekend getaway.

Speakingof which, GOAT’s annual Winter Summit is right aroundthe corner. From February 21 to 23, 2020, get ready to ski, dine, and party at Stratton,VT. And of course, you can count on Kit Lender to get you geared up and takepride outside!

Leave your baggage behind so you can go out and trek in style!