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Words from the Wise for RV'ers on the Rise

by Cristian Bacal on Sept. 18, 2021, 10:59 a.m.
Blog Post Words from the Wise for RV'ers on the Rise

Feeling the call of the wild lately? You’re not alone! There’s a surge in the number of people making reservations for campsites this fall. A recent survey (Kampgrounds of America Research Report) found that 39% of 2,100 campgrounds and RV parks are reporting between 20% and 49% increases in advanced bookings for the coming months.

The upwards RV rental trend started last year amid consumers’ desire to break free of Covid-19 constraints and escape to the great outdoors, according to a report by The New York Observer. RV rentals have been making record gains ever since. The RV rental company Outdoorsy experienced a whopping 145% growth this year.

There also seems to be a shift in demographics, which was noted by Outdoorsy’s cofounder, Jeff Cavins. About 80% of new rental bookings were by Millenials and Gen Xers.

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It’s no secret that staying cooped up for the better part of last year has been difficult for a lot of people. There’s just something about being outdoors connecting with people and nature that nourishes the soul. A survey by Campspot revealed that “missing nature” was a top reason for going camping. Some 35% of respondents said that peace and quiet in the outdoors was a feeling they craved along with 29% who said they felt wonder and appreciation for nature.

If you’re hearing the call, know you’re not alone. There’s a large community of campers and RVers, who are here to support you.

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