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Swim Across America - Baltimore
Premium outdoor gear shipped straight to your destination


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Get the highest quality gear, shipped FREE straight to your destination! It’s as easy as Rent, Adventure, and Return! Our affordable rental program gets you the top-name brand gear for a fraction of the retail value. Pack lighter and go further today!


Step 1
Browse our selection of the latest apparel from the brands you already love
Step 2
Have your KIT delivered directly to your destination for free
Step 3
Enjoy your new gear, ready for the mountain right out of the box!
Step 4
Just drop it in the mail in your pre-post marked box for an easy return process


24/7 Customer Support
Free Shipping/Returns
Premium Brands
Direct to your destination

How does it work?

Take your pick of our curated selection of the best gear, apparel, and accessories. Then choose your delivery destination and rental dates. Your rental will arrive via FedEx to your chosen destination by 8 PM the day before your first rental day. Enjoy your trip and at the end, just place your items in the provided pre-paid box and call FedEx to schedule pickup or drop it off at a FedEx ship center. The dry cleaning is on us.

How does it arrive?

We recommend shipping to your destination hotel or rental property when possible, so you can travel light :) . Your package will arrive by 8 PM on the night before your first rental day. If your destination won't accept packages you can send them to a local FedEx Ship center (check hours of operation for pick up). Our service is convenient like that!

How do I return my package?

Easy! First keep the box we sent it in.  We include an envelope with a Prepaid return label, packing tape and instructions with every kit. 

  • To Return your package we recommend dropping off the box at a local FedEx ship center on your way out of town.
  • If it is not possible to drop off at a ship center you can call and schedule a pick up

How does Sizing work?

Kit Lender has many brands to choose from so it is important to click on the sizing link. Some brands come in sizes like Small, Medium and Large, others come in numbers such as 2, 4, 8 or by inseam measurements. If you are not sure don't hesitate to call or email us and a customer service representative will be happy to help you. See our complete Size guide to help you find your fit!

Is the Gear new, Clean and following Covid protocols?

Nothing is greater than 2 seasons old. Most inventory is new this year. All previously rented clothing is in great condition, without any damages. If you rent early in the season you will likely get clothing with tags still on it. The Kit Lender Staff has been trained and certified and is following the most current Vermont State safety guidelines for Coronavirus. Kit Lender has a small in-warehouse staff of fulfillment agents with staggered work shifts, break times, and expanded hours. All products are cleaned, laundered and sanitized after each use. There is a minimum of 5 days between customer use. Please see our Covid-19 Statement.